About Us

SugarSkull Cannabis is a Las Vegas-based brand known for producing premium exotic cannabis strains. Utilizing state-of-the-art growing techniques and cutting-edge technology, our facility cultivates rare strains to produce the highest-quality, cleanest flower possible. Our flowers are harvested and trimmed at their peak of potency, ensuring the finest expression of each strain. Each strain also features a unique collectable work of art created by local Las Vegas artists. Collect stickers and merchandise featuring your favorite strain’s artwork.

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What We Do

We cultivate and collab with artists to present you the finest SugarSkull Cannabis products. Grown by us, Extracted by us, Packed and designed by us.

Exotic Flower

We cultivate only rare high end flower with proper nutrition in a state of the art growing facility licensed by the state of Nevada.

Exotic Flower

Solventless Rosin

Exotic Solventless Rosin made from our flower, All grown and and pressed in house.

Solventless Rosin

Infused Pre-Rolls

Smoke our Exotic flower infused with our solvent-less concentrates we make in house.


Edibles coming soon..


Beautiful dense buds with bright purple leaves. Gorgeous. Smells skunky and flowery sweet. High is a heavy hit indica, very uplifting, calming.

Feels more like an Indica but it’s a Hybrid. I smoked the Big Bang cart of this flavor. Very relaxing.

Wonderful friendly staff! Super clean cultivation, welcoming atmosphere!

David Anderson